Alaska Airlines

Senior visual designer

Alaska Airlines is the 5th largest airline in the U.S. It has long been loved by guests and has consistently earned guest loyalty and won plenty of awards.


For almost 5 years I worked at Alaska Airlines as a Senior Visual Designer for the e-Commerce team. I collaborated closely with various teams across the company including UI/UX, brand, marketing, web content, front and back-end developers and product teams to produce a hassle-free and delightful user experience, using an agile methodology.


I harmonized customer needs with business goals for a seamless holistic user experience. My work at Alaska spanned multiple products and services, from brand evolutions to content & merchandising, to the shopping and booking experience. Empathetic user centered design was at the heart of my design strategy.


My design practice included user research and interviews, competitive research, and incorporating best design practices and trends. Art direction, and deliverables include wireframes, prototypes, low and high-fidelity mockups, and high quality visual and interactive concepts.


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Creative Strategist 2.0: A new user experience 2.0 was our first major UX site redesign in years. I provided leadership and worked with the UX/UI team, product managers, brand managers and various stakeholders on strategy and execution. The intent of the refresh was to move the existing static and stale website experience into a modern, immersive, and responsive design. I worked closely with my UX and front-end teammates in order to produce the first ever responsive design experience for


Brand Impact: A new brand expression

Brand impact was the first company-wide rebranding in decades. I partnered extensively with our agency, who led the rebrand, and worked as well with our UX and front-end in-house teammates. All of us together strategized and executed on new brand elements for each of our digital touchpoints. In addition, I led the work with a team of UX and front-end developers to begin our first digital style guide and pattern library.


Digital Merchandising Strategy

I worked closely with brand, marketing and several agencies on our merchandising campaigns and I lead our digital merchandising strategy for all our digital products. I piloted strategy, concepts and execution as well as presented to various stakeholders and executives.

Data Driven


User Testing: Science + Art

No matter how beautiful your design or how great your user experience, if you're not converting users in your sales funnel or meeting other business goals—you won't have a successful product. An important part of visual design is to lead our users through the hierarchy of a design as we intend. Visual design principles such as contrast, hierarchy and placement serve to support a product's underlying information architecture and interaction design.


At Alaska Airlines, I've worked a great deal on merchandising and conversion-centric design strategies. In addition to traditional usability testing, I've focused on desirability testing—a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods that allow me to extract user emotions and gauge desirability in order to understand the effectiveness of our designs. By analyzing the data of our A/B tests we can assess how each design aligns with our customer personas, business’ intended emotional response and brand attributes.


Optimizing for Performance

Making sure that we can deliver our services and products to our users in a responsible timely matter is very important. It's been proven that online shoppers expect pages to load in 2 seconds, and at 3 seconds—they'll abandon. I believe that responsible design decisions can lead to an overall faster site and that more communication with developers and stakeholders can make this happen. To this end, I partnered with developers in order to create performance optimization guidelines for Using a combination of design optimization techniques and new technology, we were able to meet our necessary website speed loading time of 2 seconds.

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