Design Process

hand + Heart

Design—by it's very nature is a practical art. Art is about creating expressions that reach people emotionally but don't have to make sense. Design is about creating solutions—the act of intentionally solving a problem.


I believe the design process is as valuable as the product. I like to think of my process as hand and heart. Because it's incredibly important to role up your sleeves and do hands-on work with users and clients, as you explore for rich stories that ultimateley lead to the discovery of the heart.


Depending on the project type and scope, I'll engage most or all of the following process:




Empathy & Research

Get out and talk to your clients and customers directly, hands on. Research and catalog an inventory from needs and insights in order to define a problem statement.



Ideate & Build

Explore and brainstorm lots of ideas on how to solve the problem. Build and create designs in order to test and validate them.


Test & Deliver

Time to show and tell. Get out and test with users. Get lot's of feedback from people including customers, fellow designers and product managers.



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